About Monique

Monique and her husband have lived in Guelph for about 20 years.

As a result of high jumping as a young teen, Monique had had lower back pain since her early twenties. She had been trying to find relief from this problem for  almost 15 years, when she attended an introductory lecture about the Mitzvah Technique by Mitzvah Technique teacher Ann Tutt in the fall of 1995.

Ann Tutt is one of Nehemia Cohen’s first Mitzvah Technique students, and she has been a teacher of the Mitzvah Technique for 35 years.

Monique started taking Mitzvah Technique stretching classes in 1995, and she was hooked. She started her teacher training with Ann Tutt in 2005 and she finished her training in 2010.

She has been working as a teacher of the Mitzvah Technique ever since. Today her back feels great, and she loves being able to help people with their physical ailments through the Mitzvah Technique.