A Mitzvah Session

A Mitzvah Technique session with Monique ten Kortenaar takes about 2 hours.  For about one and a half hours you will be lying on the massage table (on your back and on your sides) and Monique will work on your whole body, manipulating your head/neck, spine and limbs. During the last half hour she will teach you the Mitzvah Technique chair exercise. You will be fully clothed during the session, and it is best to wear loose, stretchy clothing.

The premise of the Mitzvah Technique is that everything in our body is interconnected, and that we have to work with the whole body if we want to effectively address a physical problem. This also means that several physical problems can be addressed in one session, time permitting.
During table work, Monique assesses the range of motion in a person’s neck, spine and limbs, and she manipulates the person’s head, back, arms and legs in a gentle manner that stimulates the muscles to release the tension (pain) they are holding. This increases the body’s range of motion and flexibility, and it relaxes the body.

Teachers of the Mitzvah Technique are trained in using their hands on the body in a gentle yet powerful way, both in table work and in guiding the body through the movements of the Mitzvah Technique chair exercise.

After a session most people feel very tired, and it is recommended that you try to take it easy the day after your session.

Monique has applied her Mitzvah Technique skills to help improve the following physical issues:

  • bursitis in the hip
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • frozen shoulder
  • fybro-myalgia
  • general reduced mobility
  • knee problems
  • neck pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • upper, middle, lower back pain
  • torn muscles in shoulder/hip with ensuing limited range of motion

Mitzvah sessions with Monique can be booked Tuesdays – Fridays, mornings, afternoons or evenings. She also works the occasional Saturday. Please click here if you’d like more information or to book a session.