Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

The Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T. for short) was developed by Dr. M.T. Morter Jr. in the 1970s. B.E.S.T. is a gentle energy-balancing technique, that removes interference in the mind and body which can lead to dis-ease in the mind-body system. This interference is often caused by unresolved subconscious emotions.

Re-balancing the mind-body system through holding a sequence of contact points, while the client does a certain breathing pattern, holds their eyes in a certain position and focuses on a feeling and a number, re-establishes the communication between our Conscious and our Subconscious, and it frees up energy that was unable to flow due to the interference. This brings the body into a state of better balance in which its systems are able to work more efficiently, which leads to more ease in the mind-body system and a reduction in its symptoms of dis-ease.

Monique became a Certified B.E.S.T. practitioner in September 2021, and she is very excited to share the benefits of this modality with her clients.

She took the Spiritual B.E.S.T. course with Dr. Sue Morter (Dr.M.T.Morter Jr.’s daughter) in the Fall of 2021, as well as the Remote Healing and Remote B.E.S.T. course. She became a certified Spiritual B.E.S.T. practitioner in the Fall of 2022. The addition of the Spiritual B.E.S.T. component, which involves working with the chakras, to her B.E.S.T. sessions has added a whole other dimension to her B.E.S.T. work. Her clients love the addition of Spiritual B.E.S.T.

The Remote Healing and Remote B.E.S.T. courses were eye-opening for Monique. Without hesitation, Monique can say that the Remote B.E.S.T. sessions (via telephone, Facetime, Skype) are just as effective as the in-person B.E.S.T. sessions, and the Remote Healing sessions are powerful as well.

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To book a B.E.S.T. session (or a Mitzvah Technique session) please contact Monique.