Testimonials – B.E.S.T.

“Because of B.E.S.T. I am more grounded. I can hold my space better. I let people bother me less. While doing B.E.S.T.  my body holds less pain and my children complain about body pains less as well. My body requires less stretching.”

Annette S.

“I have done about 8 sessions of B.E.S.T. with Monique. I do not know how to describe B.E.S.T. except that it is profound energy work that works with the soul and Divine energy. I love coming to Monique for B.E.S.T.  Every time I have a session, I feel better, happier, healthier and grounded. I have been going through an incredibly difficult time in my life in the last few years and I am going to say the B.E.S.T. really helped me to stay sane, centered and hopeful. The sessions are relaxing, loving and warm, and I have learned tools from B.E.S.T. to help me through my very challenging current difficulties. I recommended B.E.S.T. to a couple of friends, and they thanked me for it. I would highly encourage you to try it.”

Mireille M.

“My first session with Monique was in person. I remember a moment in the session where I felt a sublte shift, but yet so profound. I knew this issue was never to return… and it hasn’t.

Monique is very passionate about her work and very knowledgeable. I’m very grateful for this modality of healing and I plan to continue sessions with her.

Remote session:                                                                                                                                                      I’m very grateful to Monique and this modality and how wonderful it works remotely. At the beginning of the session I was struggling emotionally, but at the end I felt much more myself. I could feel the subtle shifts happening through the session as Monique was checking in with me. I love this modality and wish to continue remote sessions with Monique.”

Chris A.

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