Whenever Monique works with a client in a private session she loves to teach them some stretches, besides the body work that she does with them. These stretches may at first glance seem fairly easy, but they work extremely well to keep one’s body flexible and functioning without problems.

She learned these stretches through her 25 years of involvement with the Mitzvah Technique. They were actually the first aspect of the Mitzvah Technique that she learned from her teacher Ann Tutt, and her back felt already better after her first stretching class.

She still swears by the benefits of the stretches and she uses them every night. It has kept her body in great shape and pain-free for many years.

The aim of the stretches is to release tension in the muscles, and as a consequence most people who do them find them very relaxing.

From time to time Monique will teach these stretches in a small class format, and if you are interested in participating in these classes, please contact Monique.