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“I had a right hip replacement on September 20th 2021. My recovery was very slow even though I went to re-hab and did my exercises faithfully. When I went for my end-of-year check-up I could only walk a short distance with my walker. I was told that that was as good as it was going to get, that my muscles were too weak. This did not make me happy. I knew that there was a way to strengthen the muscles and asked for a referral for more re-hab. I still did not see much improvement. Finally I asked Monique ten Kortenaar if she thought she could help me. She came to my house once a week for ten weeks and gave me a Mitzvah treatment, which lasted two hours. She manipulated my muscles until they relaxed and became stronger. I could feel definite improvement. She gave me exercises to do and re-taught me how to walk. We reduced the times she came to every other week and then finally to once a month. I can now walk around the block and get my mail, and visit people in their homes using only my cane. I keep improving! Without Mitzvah sessions I would still have had more trouble walking.

Bev M. (88 years old)

From an email:

“Just wanted you to know that your treatment did me a world of good. My body feels a lot better! Thank you!”

Carolyn R.

“For much of my life, I have had chronic muscle tension and pain in my shoulders and upper back. Massage therapy has helped over the years, but since I found Monique, she and the Mitzvah Technique have helped so much more. The technique is more gentle than massage, but has a deeper, and longer lasting, effect. I also took Monique’s community course and learned simple, gentle exercises that help release muscle tension in between sessions. I’m so happy to have found Monique and this method. [Update: as I write this we’ve been isolating due to Covid-19 for about 2 months, and what I miss most are my Mitzvah sessions with Monique!]”

Heidi B.

“I have a torn hip ligament that caused me constant pain when I walked or sat.  For over a year I tried physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and acupuncture to try and relieve the tight muscles constraining my hip joint. After just one session with Monique I was walking easier and pain-free!

I couldn’t believe it and would never have thought it possible had I not experienced it myself.  I have returned for repeated sessions and she has worked on my back and shoulders which (because of my hip pain) I didn’t even realize were so tight and fatigued.  I now do Mitzvah exercises regularly and my body is so much more loose and yet strong at the same time.  Thank you Monique!”

Julie B.

“I would like to thank Monique for helping me to feel steady & stronger.

I happened to be shopping at a local health food store and I came across Monique’s flyer. I had exhausted all other disciplines of practice (massage, physio, osteopath, chiropractor & acupuncture) and was on a wait list for corrective foot surgery.  So I decided  – why not try this “Mitzvah Technique”?  What did I have to lose?

After my very first session with Monique, I felt some relief from my chronic ankle pain…. FINALLY after 25+ years.  After another session, I actually no longer required an ankle brace to walk.  She also addressed my tennis elbow.  As an Early Childhood Educator, my body was feeling the effects of the chronic tugging of little people.  

I appreciate that Monique encouraged me to come back when I felt the need to; she has taught me to listen to my body.

I appreciate her knowledge and dedication to her clients. The Mitzvah Technique and Monique have helped me beyond measure!”
Marlene R.

“I had been living with a chronic shoulder injury for over a year. I had tried everything: physiotherapy, medication, homeopathic remedies, you name it!

I barely had any mobility in my shoulder until I had a Mitzvah session, and the improvement has been remarkable. In only two hours Monique was able to get my shoulder moving and now I can finally use both of my arms to exercise again!”

Brönte V.

“I am happy to recommend the comprehensive body treatment work Monique does. The philosophy of working toward increasing my flexibility and enabling my muscles to become more elastic is really appealing to me. Every time I leave Monique’s table, this is affirmed for me. I feel looser and more agile. As an added value, Monique also provides instruction for home exercises to help maintain the benefits of the session.”

Anne H.

”I had two Mitzvah sessions with Monique when I was in Guelph in January 2019. After the first session, I had the opportunity to take a ballet class and feel the difference in my body. I immediately felt a relaxation in my hip joints as I was moving and lifting my legs. The muscles around my neck were looser, and I got rid of a habit of cracking my neck. I’ve had pain in my back since I was about 15 years old, that was preventing me from doing an extreme back bend, but I noticed that the pain was gone. Since  my sessions I have not experienced a sharp pain in my back.

Most of all, Mitzvah helped with my breathing. For many years I would wake up in the mornings having trouble breathing, feeling almost out of breath as if there was something heavy on my shoulders. I had talked to a masseur at my work place about this, and he gave me an exercise to try that never made it better. After practising the Mitzvah chair exercise, I felt an enormous difference in my upper body. From my neck, through the shoulders, down to the middle of my back I felt much lighter and more open, which helped with my breathing. Since this exercise made a big difference in how I breathe, I practise the Mitzvah exercise every day.”

Riho S., Dancer, Dutch National Ballet

“I went to see Monique twice because of stiffness and pain along with decreased range of motion in my left shoulder from a 12-year old injury. After only 2 Mitzvah sessions with Monique I have been less stiff and my shoulder has been pain-free. The exercises she gave me to do have helped me maintain the work she did on me. Even now, 6 months after my first visit to Monique, I am still pain-free. Thank you, Monique, for learning the Mitzvah Technique.”

 Kim W.

“I first came for a Mitzvah session after experiencing extreme pain in my right leg and being unable to walk more than 50 yards without stopping. After a few sessions with Monique, I was amazed by the improvement. I had my best ski season ever as a result of the increased flexibility and muscle strength. Practising the exercises that Monique taught me has helped to maintain my improved posture and flexibility. This is an effective discipline that provides very good results!”

Bob D.

“Monique has enabled me to stand up straighter and to shovel snow without back pain.”

Marshall M.

“My feedback regarding my first session with Monique:

Except for feeling a little sore on my shoulders right next to my neck, I am feeling fine! And unlike after a massage, I still feel loose and relaxed around all the muscles – the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, calves, and ankles, even now – that is nearly 18 hours later! Remarkable!”

Murugan S.

“I originally went to Monique for Mitzvah sessions to help with the pain I was experiencing from bursitis in my hip. However, the benefits of the sessions have gone well beyond relief from pain. I am much more flexible and I don’t wake up with the usual aches and stiffness. I walk straighter and have more energy and stamina for physical activity like gardening and long walks with our dogs. If I do develop muscle stress, I do the Mitzvah exercises that Monique has taught me and relief comes quickly. I highly recommend Mitzvah sessions for anyone experiencing joint and muscle pain.”

Cathy D.

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