Stretching Classes

Mitzvah Technique stretching classes, taught by Monique, are available through the Continuing Education department of the Upper Grand District School Board.

There are two levels, basic and level 2. In these classes, Monique will teach the stretches that she has learned through her 25 years of involvement with the Mitzvah Technique. She tries to tailor these classes as much as possible to the physical abilities of the participants.

In the basic class ( a series of 5 classes), the Mitzvah Technique principles will be explained, and we will start from the beginning with learning the stretches. The stretches are taught in a specific sequence , and each class builds on what was learned in the previous class.

The last half hour of each class will be spent practising the Mitzvah Technique chair exercise, in its various forms. Mitzvah Technique movement principles will be explained and practised as well.

For more information about the basic class, click here.

In the level 2 class (a series of 5 classes as well) the stretches from the level 1 class will be reviewed and will be expanded upon. Again, the last half hour of each class will be spent practising the Mitzvah Technique chair exercise.

For more information about the level 2 class, click here.

Participants’ feedback on these classes indicates that most participants find them very relaxing. Some of them go home and have a nap right afterwards!

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Please note that there are currently NO Mitzvah Technique stretching classes offered.

To book a private Mitzvah Technique session (or a B.E.S.T. session), please contact Monique.